Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My New Texting, Fingerless Gloves, I just love these

Do you put on Gloves and then have to take at least one off all the time to answer your phone or Text?
Yeah Me too, and I get so tired of it, so I decided it's time for Texting Gloves
THESE are the best things, I'm so Glad I decided to make some and now I am going to try all different kinds of Designs. So many colors and styles I can think of to make and I've seen tons of cute ideas
Here are a couple that have been really popular
There is always Classic Black
Got to have a Pair

These are so cute with Jeans Especially and who doesn't wear Jeans???
I make them in ALL Sizes too
Child's sizes

Winter Crochet Time-The Scarves!!

So in order to keep the winter Blahs away, I find Crocheting is one of the crafts I especially like to do

I have been having so much fun Crocheting ALL Kinds of Scarves, Ruffle, Infinity and colors and yarns
are so much fun to make with these.

I've done several of the easy and fast Ruffle scarfs and sell them all the time, you can order yours from me as well.
Here are a few pictures of some that I have made and I will be happy to help you with colors and how to
There are so many pretty colors
I love Purples
This one is especially good for Valentine's Day

Then the Fur Yarns and Oh so Inspired for Winter fun
The Fun Fizzle Yarns make really cute Scarfs
These are all made by ME
;You need to contact me to Put your orders in today
Then you know what I decided to try out?
Arm Knitting and it's really fast and fun
All of these are lots of work, don't get me wrong
but worth the enjoyment you get out of designing every piece of ART
This one is so pretty in person, it has an iridescent Glitter that just makes it SPARKLE
I have had so much fun this Cold COLD Winter 
stay so busy and love every minute of life