Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Up-cycled Garden Plant Pokes

While I have to admit the past few days I've been feeling just terrible with allergies, I still can't just lay around like some people or even like I swear I'm going to take a day off and do to Rest Up! So I went outside for some fresh air and to check my new spring posies that I just planted over this past weekend and I decided to grab up my old garden plant Pokes and Up-Cycle them into new pretty Garden Plant Pokes, and I've got to say I'm very proud of these little girls.

I have all kinds of paint, so I dug out the gloss enamels and some really Pretty Glitter Paints(I do love glitter)
These paints are so cool you can paint on glass even and they really stick, plus you can bake the piece to really seal it(make sure items are heat safe)
You gotta try these on some crafts
I love all that glitters and so I use lots of glitter paints and glitter dust on many things
Here are the plant garden pokes before the fresh up-cycle paint
Yeah really sun faded and weathered
with a few hours of paint and glitter and dry time
then a top coat of spray gloss
they Look Great once again and best of all, they are all Mine
Unique too ;)
These are easy and can get as complex as you want to spend the time to make
Happy Crafting