Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cedar Chest Furniture Refinishing

My newest project has been refinishing this Cedar Chest
This is what it looked like before I started sanding
yeah it was pretty worn out but I knew the wood was good and the inside just like new
made of real Cedar Wood too
So I decided to save it and create a piece of art
So I sanded
and Sanded
and SANDED some more
then it got really detailed and around all the trim I had to hand sand
Yeah that's the really time consuming part
but worth it
but it's all worth the time
and this is just the first coat
After sanding for hours and spending lots of time on getting it smooth and stripped down to the original wood
It's just beautiful with the grain of cedar showing isn't it?

I brushed it off and then cleaned it with a tack cloth(dampened with Paint thinner)\
then I gave it one coat of

Then I let it dry for a good 3 days
and now I'm going to do some art detail to the trim
haven't decided just what yet but I'll let you see it when I get to that part.