Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fabric Mermaid and Fish Blankets

Hey there,
Happy New Year, I hope you are keeping warm and having a good new year.
I have been hearing from some of my grand daughters that they want a mermaid blanket
so after doing some research and design I have come up with this design and made them.
They turn out so cute, then I decided to make a doll blanket to go with it for 18" dolls like the American Girl dolls. You can use them for other dolls too.
I also make boys Fish Blankets too.
I made my blanket with tucks in the sides so there is room for the girls to move their feet and they are long enough so they will fit a few years, also I make smaller ones for toddlers and larger ones for adults. because I knew mommy and even grandma's would like these.
Can be Mermaids or Fish Blankets Order yours today
You can order yours today in several color combinations just email here for your order or find them on facebook here where you can order them

I just am adding two more cute sets for 2 very adorable little girls, they were so happy to get these they are dragging them around with them as they play, and their dollies are very happy too.

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