Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Making Yarn Cakes to Crochet

Everyone is crazy about the Yarn Cakes, you've seen them, Sweet Rolls, Caron Cakes, Bernat Pops and many other brands. Yeah they are nice, but some people can't get them, and the prices are in a wide range, and you know what, most of all, you can't get just the color combos you might want.
So I have figured it out, I am making homemade Yarn Cakes
It's easy, takes a little time and some planning and the best thing is you can make them out of just about any yarn you have or can find. So what are you waiting for?

First you need a winder and some patience, most of of the later, you can't be in a rush.
The winders go from price ranges I've seen over $70 down to just $15 bucks
and if you are gentle the cheaper ones work well I have had no problems with a cheaper one and what's better than having fun and saving money too.

Remember to treat you little winder with care, go slowly and be gentle
I get mine to wind more than it says by adding a larger(wider) bottom on the winder with a piece of heavy cardboard cut to fit on the spindle or a slice of plastic cut in a circle just a little bigger than the original winder base.

I like this gadget

You can use so many kinds of yarn and any color that you can buy
Take my advice, count your turns to keep track if you are making more than one cake of the same color combo
Be sure to pull out the yarn holder spindle arm till it clicks, firmly but not too hard but it will stay up
don't wind too fast to keep the yarn in place and if you add a bigger base like I do sometimes, just be sure not to cut your circle add on piece wider so it hits the yarn spindle arm and you can get bigger cakes, if you cut it right it slides right down over the center of the winder and can give you about a half inch more of a cake
pace yourself and you can get lots of good use out of this tool
I am on a Roll ....LOL Literally now
stay tuned for more fun

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