Monday, April 24, 2017

Crochet Beautiful Colorful Pillows

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Hello followers and viewers I am in love with spring, always love the fresh air, the beautiful new flowers popping up once again after that long cold winter, don't get me wrong I love winter too, but after several long gloomy cold weeks of winter I am again thankful for popping fresh spring days, fresh smells and beautiful spring colors and to celebrate spring days, here are my pretty spring pillows.

These are granny squares simply crochet big enough to cover pillow forms or
to fit the size you want for your pillow, one side forms a pretty granny square and the other side is a bright pretty triangle 
I closed up the pillow with a single crochet stitch on top of the edges and it stands up just a little 
but I really like the look on these using a different color yarn

The yarns I used with these are sweet rolls and trimmed out with a blue yarn I had left over from another project.
This love of my pillows is a bright colorful
Zinnia Pillow
I found the pattern from
I did my pillow in bright spring colors
she has hers in solid colors
check them out for the pattern
It has inspired me for some new ideas

Hope you are inspired to create some crochet art of your own too
Have a happy spring and a great month
Stay tuned for more ideas soon