Monday, January 1, 2018


I am crazy about gnomes, love the cute movie, love them in my garden and I am making them for every occasion. I have created the Sweet little GIRL GNOMES as well as Handsome BOY GNOMES

Supplies you need:
There are several ways to make sock gnomes, here are some of the things that I use when making mine.
Scissors, glue gun and glue sticks
White tube socks for the bodies
Colorful decorated ankle socks for bodies and hats
Filler for each gnome-I used cat litter, but you can use rice, dried beans, gravel
Tiny hair bands to make noses, close bodies, and noses etc Also yarn can be tied
Toilet paper rolls to hold up the gnome hat, or shaped foil, cardstock paper will work wrapped into a cone shape, or even newspaper shaped into a cone for under the hat, styrofoam cone shapes in mini sizes also can be used
Fake fur, different weights and textures or yarns for beards, hair
Panty hose for noses  or pull them out of the shaped body and rubber band it
String, yarns, beads, pom poms, buttons, bells, for decorations
Large flat buttons for the bottom of gnome to help it stand up

Come join me for directions to make them, or order one handmade by me, especially for you.

After you have collected your supplies, get ready for some fun
You will need to cut the tube socks across at the heel for bodies, save the top for other crafts, or you can make smaller gnomes out of the top by rubber banding both ends

You will need to fill the tube sock with the filler you are going to use. It does help to use a small glass or jar for this step. Fill the sock up nice and firm, then rubber band it tight, I use 2 rubber bands

Pull out a nice round button nose, rubber band it the same manner, Blush it if you like
Some also use panty hose for the nose, both are cute, and add a little blush to make them
nice a rosy

Pull up the color sock you're going to use for the bottom over the body, get it nice and tight
under the nose and pull it around the body evenly, tack some hot glue around to hold it smooth

You will need a beard for the boys, some hair for the girls
Cut a small triangle out of fur, or yarn can be glued onto the face for a beard to fit across the gnome face and under his nose
Make hair for the girls to be glued on under the hat, I like braids, ponytails
There are so many ways to create their beards and hair so think about how you want to make yours

Glue the form you are going to use under the hat onto the head and then when set, pull hat down over
form to cover, and pull the hat down more in the back, using the heel shape of sock works best here, tack around with hot glue to hold in place.

Now on the bottom of mine to help them sit up I like to use a big button glued to the bottom of my Gnomes.

Now think about decorating them and making them even more unique. Trims, pom poms, beads, strings wrapped around them, all so cute, and don't forget to blush their cute big noses a little.

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