Thursday, September 13, 2018

DIY Fall Pumpkin Trio

I am so ready for FALL YA'll

Getting started decorating with a Fall touch. I went to Dollar Tree and found these pumpkins in bright Halloween Orange, so I bought a few, brought them home and starting thinking.

I painted with left over chalk paint, you could also use acrylic but it seems harder to get it to stick so will take more coats to cover and be careful before they dry and are coated several coats they want to scratch easily and gave them a light sheen, stacked them with spanish moss between and to top them off, Hot glued the moss on between layers of pumpkins, easily stacked them up and placed them on a cute candle holder, you can glue it to the holder but I just used some tacky Loctite fun tak so I can reuse the candle holder I added a pumpkin stem saved and dried from last year. See it is a good thing to be a bit of a craft hoarder, the old stem had lifted right off an old pumpkin last fall so I thought Hmm why not dry this and save it I'm sure I'll find a use for it, and walla I sure did. Yes you can dry them out and save them. It looks so much more realistic than tree limbs. I love this. You can do colors you like to match your decor.

It's always good to keep things you never know what you're going to need #crafthoarder #ilovecrafting #neverthrowitaway

Have fun crafting!