Sample BOS-Ideas for Making yours

MM Everyone,
I have always wanted my BOS to be made from wood about a 9x12. That
holds 8 1/2x11 paper with the, version that I like, wheel of the
year engraved on the front. Due to a common problem of present day
lack of tools, I can not design what I want.
So after much resolution I have decide to go ahead and make one :
I have designed a sheet that represents my feeling in my path for the
GRIMOIRE in arched multi color font in the middle of my top graphics
the upper left graphic has a design of a hand with the index finder
pointed upward with a ribbon tied around it with To remind me
always of rule 3X3
{ For everything you do ,
you shall get a reaction three times
or three times greater
back upon you}
directly above it is the words 13 Goals (for the 13 goals of a witch)
to the right is a graphic, the wheel of the year with the Sabbaths
written around it then in red circle underneath is the dates of each
Sabbath then in a circle under that the # of the months 1-12
directly above this is words for goal #1
1. Know Yourself
on the wheel of the year in upper left corner I place the #2 goal
2. Know you craft
in the center I placed #3
3. Learn
below the wheel I placed #4
4. Apply knowledge to wisdom
between the hand and the wheel I wrote
under the hand on the left I continued the 13 GOALS
6. Keep your words in good order
7. Keep your thoughts in good order
under the wheel and the 4th goal I place a Hawk and between her
wings I places goal 8.
8. Celebrate Life
lower potion of the page I place a graphic I found which residents
the 4 elements
It has clouds at the top
two geese swimming in a lake on the left
and fire on the right
and two women walking through the woods on the bottom
to from like a circle ( although the element are not in the correct
North (earth)
West (water) East (Air)
South (Fire)
I like the graphic and its representation of the elements. On each
approached element I place the elemental:
Gnome (earth) Undine (Water) Salamander (fire) Sylph (air)
In the middle of the graphic of the elements I wrote the 5th goal
5. Achieve balance
around the graphic I wrote 9th 10th 11th & 12th.
9. Attune with the cycles of the earth
10. Breathe and eat correctly
11. exercise the body
12. Mediate
at the bottom right corner I wrote in big letters
13. Honor your God & Goddess.
In my grimoire I plan to only put spells & herbs
I will sub divide them accord
Herbs by name
Later I may transfer info from my BOS about jells lotions & soaps
that I use.
For my index in BOS

I picked up a 16 colored tab three ring index
(1) Sabbaths and Esbats
(2) rituals
(3) Materials ( Crystals, stones, metals, woods)
(4) Recipes ( foods & potions)
(5) herbs
(6) incense and oils
(7)magical tools and techniques
(8)meditations and visualizations
(9) poems and prayers
(10) mythology
(11) astrology
(12) philosophy
(10) divination
(11) crystals and gems
(13) soap making
(14) Candles
(15) lotions
(16) God & Goddess
Currently All my information is on my PC under a BOS program I
purchased that divides the contents as I have above. I plan to
eventually print out all my info and add it to my BOS
All my thoughts and personal feeling I have been keeping in a spiral
notebook that also has 3 hole so it can easily be transferred to
I will probably only put typed and printed a special font (if I ever
find the one I want)
Due to the fact that I am dyslexic and my handwriting resembles the
scribble of a Dr on the RX pad I don't want to hand write.
I would only be focused on my errors and horrible writing if I did
(oh the problem with being a dyslexia Virgo) LOL......

Dedication Page
Underneath the bright moon light,
I dedicate myself tonight.
To learn the ways, rituals, and rites,
Study divinations, moons, tools, & paths with all my might.
To follow the Wiccan Rede,
Become attune to others needs.
Learn about all the herbs, tool, solitary,
elements, elementals and about astrology
So smote it be
Wednesday, 31 day of October 2001.


The Charge of the Goddess
by Lady Morgana Emania & Lady Moon Willow @
Crystall Waterfall
I, who am the beauty of the green earth,
The white moon among the stars
The Mysteries of the water,
Call upon your soul to arise and come to me,
For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe.
From me all things proceed
And unto me all things return.
Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices
For behold, all acts of love & pleasure are my rituals.
Let there be beauty & strength,
power & compassion
Honor & humility,
Mirth & reverence with in you.
Know that your seeking & yearning will avail you not
Unless you know the mystery
For if that which you seek
You find not within your heart,
you will never find without.
For I have been with you from the beginning
And I am that which is attained
At the end of desire
Blessed BE.

Dedication of This Book of Shadow
As I write each word and deed,
with careful thought and harmony.
I beg of the Creator above
To come down and Bless it with LOVE
I ask out of humility
to prevent the unwelcome, it contents see.
By the power of the roaring sea
The power of the land all around me
From the depths of the flames light
And the all power from a moonlighted night
Infuse this book with all your mite.
so that it will be my guiding light
Shower it from every direction
It ensure I learn through it pages & reflection
Creator above, help me reach Divinity
So this book will continue though infinity
That I may remember the rule of three
So smote it Be.

Rule of three fold
For everything you do, you shall get a reaction three times or three
times greater back upon you.


The 7 Witches Law of Power
1. The Power shall not be used to bring harm, to injure or to control others. But if the need arises, the Power shall be
used t
o protect your life or the lives of others.
2. The Power is used only as need dictates.
3. The Power can be used for your own gain; as long as by doing so you harm none.
4. It is unwise to accept money for the use of the Power, for it quickly controls its taker. Be not as those of other
5. Use not the Power for prideful gain, for such cheapens the mysteries of Witchcraft and Magick.
6. Ever remember that the Power is a sacred gift of the Goddess and the God, and should never be misused or abused.
7. The results of the spell are held to the spell caster, you are responsible for the outcome of the spell.

Note: This is Not a rule you have to follow to be a Witch. This is 7 laws that will increase the power of your spells, and
is meant to help the new Witch. Our page does Not believe in my way or the highway, and Respects All ways of practicing
what works for each individual.

How to make a Book of Shadows

When people hear the word Book of Shadows they either think the TV Show Charmed or the movie the Craft

These are TV shows and movies not based on real life witchcraft

So What is a Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows is a book containing religious texts and instructions for magical rituals and spells found within the Pagan/ Wiccan religions and certain sects of other religions such as Voodoo/ Hoodoo also have a book of Shadows Basicly the Book of Shadows is a Magickal Journal or Diary

Centuries ago our Ancestors left information like this to the Druids or High Priestess or High Priestess
as Information was power and you did not want the wrong spell or Ritual to fall in the wrong hands
plus not everyone knew how to read and Write

after the Abraham Religions took over many libraries and books were destroyed in an attempt to exterminate the knowledge of the Wisdom of the Ancients from the world

many Pagans who refused to convert to the new Abraham Religion were forced to keep the Traditions and Rituals alive by writing in Code or keeping it hidden for possessing knowledge meant Death during the Abraham Religions Rampages in an attempt to wipe out Paganism from the world

People would be Tortured and killed for possessing such knowledge
Even Today Witches are still burned in parts of the world for simply worshipping his or her own religious beliefs

With Paganism and Wicca Growing Rapidly Ever more Popular it is important we document Rituals and spells not just so we do not forget but for all Generations to continue to spread education and knowledge to the world and share the love of the Goddess and Gods and the Wisdom of the Ancients

Depending on your Path or Rules of your Coven which vary by type of Pagan/ Wiccan Pantheon you follow have rules on Books of Shadows some have Strict rules on Book of Shadows information
while others do not here is a breakdown types of Pantheons / Paths

In a broad context, Wicca and Witchcraft are NOT the same.
Wicca is a type of witchcraft, not witchcraft itself not all Witches are Wiccans

Gardnerian Wicca ,Alexandrian Wicca ,Georgian Wicca:,Celtic Wicca: Rules and Traditions vary

Formally known as the Hecatine Tradition,

Strega Witch

Ceremonial Witchcraft
Followers of this Tradition uses a great deal of ceremonial magick in their practices. Detailed rituals with a flavor of Egyptian magick are sometimes a favorite, or they may use the Qabbalistic magick

Hereditary Witch
One who can trace the Craft through their family tree and who has been taught the Old Religion by a relative who was living at the same time. Channeling doesn't count. How far one has to go back on the family tree to meet the conditions of the first part of this definition is debatable. Family Trades (another name for Hereditary Witches) occasionally adopt individuals into their dynasty. This decision is never a light one, and usually stems from the lack of offspring to carry on the line, or the high regard they hold for the person in question. The ceremony is intricate and important. After all, it is not every day you can pick your relatives! It is much like the marriage of an individual into a family.

which is often considered a left hand path within Hinduism
Rituals are very involved and Very Sexual in nature
while Hinduism is separate from Paganism is is a Type of Pagan Religion
which is the belief of multiple Gods and Goddess some Hindu worshipers do not accept the Tantra path

Kitchen Witch
You will hear this term every once in a while. Basically, this type is one who practices by hearth and home, dealing with the practical side of religion, magick, the earth and the elements. There are some who groan loudly at this type of terminology, viewing it as degrading or simply inappropriate. Just remember that the Old Religion started somewhere, and most likely the kitchen (or cookfire) was the hub of many charms, spells, healings, and celebrations. After all, where does everyone congregate during the holidays? Grandma's kitchen has always produced magickal memories for humanity; visions of Mother making that something special for a sick child still holds true today for many of us.

Pictish Witchcraft
Scottish Witchcraft that attunes itself to all aspects of nature; animal, vegetable, and mineral. It is a solitary from of the Craft and mainly magickal in nature

Crafty Witch
a Crafty Witch is a Witch who puts a magical element into arts and crafts such as painting or poetry or crocheting or any Craft making
such as putting symbols or runes or hidden words in a craft or hidden messages or hidden pictures

Solitary Witch /Eclectic
pulling from many different pagan paths, a sort of “melting pot” of paganism;
One who practices alone, regardless of Tradition, denomination or sect. Solitaries come in various forms. Some were at one time initiated into a coven and eventually chose to extricate themselves from that environment and continue practicing a particular Tradition or sect by themselves. A solitary can also be an individual who has no desire to practice with or learn from a coven structure, but still may adhere to a specific Tradition or sect through the teachings of another. And finally, a solitary Witch can be a person who has decided to tough it out on their own, learning from books, networking, and fellow Witches of different Traditions. These people have the ability to pick themselves up and brush themselves off, and live to try again. More and more individuals are selecting the solitary path rather than that of group interaction.
most Solitary/ Eclectic Witches follow or Combine Celtic, Welsh, Gaelic, Asastru/ Odinism/ Heathenry, Druidism, Hellenic ( Ancient Greek),Kemetic ( Ancient Egyptian ),Graeco-Roman,Sumerian/babylonian Paganism,Armenian paganism,Baltic paganism,Celtic polytheism,Finnic paganism,Germanic paganism
Slavic paganism,Vainakh paganism, Hinduism Shintoism , Haitian Vodou, Espiritu , Buddhism, Native American Beliefs also called Red Paganism South american Paganism and Taoism.

Modern Native American Reconstructionists
is a revival of the original Native American religions.
they follow the ancient ways of living and honoring the Gods , Goddess and Spirits
and Ceremonies and Rituals of the Native American Path

Teutonic Witch
From ancient time the Teutons have been recognized as a group of people who speak the Germanic group of languages. Culturally, this included the English, Dutch, Icelandic, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish peoples. This is also known as the Nordic Tradition.

A revival of older shamanic beliefs and traditions, or (a lot of the time) an amalgamation of New Age spiritual-beliefs.

There are others I may have missed if I have I apologize tell me which one and I will add it to the list

okay so now lets get started on the Book of Shadows
Your book of Shadows is for Rituals and Spells and knowledge on Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies
like a magical personal diary so you can custom design it to your own needs

Let's face it, not everyone can afford $300 for a custom-made Book of Shadows, or a one-of-a-kind silk robe. But having to work within a budget doesn't have to cause problems, and it certainly doesn't mean your a 'bad Pagan / Wiccan or Witch'.

Being spiritual itself doesn't cost anything, so it's likely that most financial constraints will come into play when you're getting supplies or tools for your altar. So that's where I'm going to focus my suggestions.

Nothing wrong with homemade - You'd be surprised how many tools or supplies you can craft all by yourself. A little bit of elbow-grease and some creativity can go a long way. Besides, any tool that you've put your own energy into will be better than store-bought.

Learn to adapt - Don't get in a rut, thinking that your tools have to be certain things. What matters is how you view them. Here are a few examples:

Book of Shadows - Your BoS doesn't need to be a leather-bound tome with brass clasps and parchment paper. Make do with any blank notebook (hard covered sketchbooks are quite nice). If you want to be able to move pages around, stick with a plain 3-ring binder.

DIY BOS instructions

Book of Shadows is called BOS for Short

You will need:
- a notebook/Hardcover book/Binder/Folder etc.
- a special pen or quill, only used to write in your BoS and Mirror Journal.
- Decorations (Optional).
- Bookmark (Optional).
- Leather cover (optional)

Step 1 - Your Book of Shadows
Step 1a: Go find yourself a nice notebook or such!

Step 2 - Finding your special pen or Quill:
Remember my Quill Pen Blog you might want to dedicate time to making magical quills for writing
in your Book of Shadows
Click the picture to go to that blog

Your special pen/Quill will only be used to write in your BoS
Step 2a: Choose a pen/quill that you love writing with, is comfortable and fancy!
Step 2b: Decorate it with runes and symbols, if you'd please.

Step 3 - Decorating your BoS & your bookmark:
If you don't wish to do so, skip to step 4.
You're allowed to decorate you BoS however you want! Just keep it traditional; Don't add stickers of kittens or something O_O... Runes , Symbols ,Sigils things of a magikal nature are Fine
Drawings and art of the Goddess pictures of Goddess and Gods and nature and animals are fine also
putting anything of a magickal
and yes you may have more than one I have ten books of Shadows
A lot of Wiccans write on the cover "The Book Of Shadows of -Your Name-."

Step 4 - Finally Getting Started:
Step 4a: First think of the contents. What do you want to add in your BoS?
Some quick suggestions:
- Something about you
- An opening dedication to your Goddess/God
- Wiccan Rede or Pagan Rede etc
- Wiccan Law or Rules you follow
- Three-Fold Law (etc etc)
- Dedication
- Table of Contents
- Wicca Studies
- Rules
- Beliefs
- Family Tree
- Friends
- Rituals
- Spells
- Recipes
- Potions
- Poems
- Chants
- About herbs and trees and such
- Lunar calendar
- Celtic Calendar

The About You Section should look something like this:
Name: DAW
Nickname: DAW
Better Known As: DAW
Magick Name: Luna DAW
Magick Nickname: DAW
Haircolour: Black
Eyecolour: Blue
Specialty: Almost Everything.
Date Of Birth:
Place Of Birth:
Country Of Origin:
Current Residence:
Other info:

Step 4b: You can make a table of Contents:
- File by topic
- Alphabetize by subject
- Chronological
- Chapters

Step 4c: Think about the language you want to write it in.
You can also do it in your own language.

Step 5 - The End:
Well, I think that this is enough to get you started, no?
If you have any questions left, please comment!

This is a Mini Book of Shadows this one can be worn as a Necklace or Decoration for your Altar like a Fairy Altar

What you'll need:
Small piece of scrap Leather, the more wrinkled and aged the better
Small scrap of Cardboard (Hard back of a notebook would do fine)
1 piece of printer paper
Scrap of decorative Paper
1 O Ring
Gold Sharpie Pen (permanent marker)
Hot Glue Gun
Bull Dog clip/Bag clip
Needle (to punch a hole)
Yellow Pages (to lean on)

1. Take one piece of printer paper (A4 if you're in the UK) cut it into 1 inch slices along the width of the paper. Divide the paper up into 5 smaller pieces which should measure roughly 1& 3/4 inches across. I used N.American sized paper which I know is different to A4 so you'll have to play around with the sizes. Make a big pile of these rectangles then fold them in half and squeeze them with a bag clip/bulldog clip. All of the folded 'spines' should be facing the same side and that side should be poking out of the clip.

2. From Cardboard cut 2 rectangles, 7/8ths of an inch by 1 1/4 inches, these will be the front and back of the book,the spine should measure roughly 5/8's by 1 1/4 inches.

3. Then tape them across the back leaving a hairs gap between the separate pieces, painters tape would be best but I used what I had.

4. If you left enough gap you should be able to fold the cardboard into a book shape.

5. Taking a scrap of decorative paper, draw around the book cover, depending on how large a gap you left the measurement for this will vary. Add Double sided tape to the decorative paper and stick to the book cover, either side is fine.

6. Fold the book to give you a less flat book cover.

7. With a hot glue gun stick the wedge of papers folded 'spine' side down into the centre of the book cover, don't be scared to use a great big glob of hot glue, more is more in this case. Push down gently to make sure all the pages adhered nicely.

8. Give it a little squish if you want your book to sit more closed, don't if you want an open looking book.

9. With Hot glue again take a scrap of leather and stick the outside of the book cover to it, you can trim round it once it's stuck, don't worry too much about the Leather looking rough or feathered at the edges, it's meant to look old right?

10. Now for the fun bit, I used a Sharpie in Gold with a fine tip and made a rough edge of Gold around the outside of the book cover.then smudged it with my finger to age it a little.

11. To give the spine more definition take the Gold pen make a rough line and smudge it gently then add some small Gold dots, smudging again if it looks too crisp.
12. Punch a hole through the cover preferably with a needle and leaning on a Yello pages, making sure you also go through the cardboard add an O ring then put one or two on a chain, and wear them.

other ideas to help you out

Athame - So what if a traditional athame is double-edged with a black handle? Any knife will do, or you could even use an attractive letter opener as a sacred blade. or make one yourself i have how in the do it yourself projects

Cauldron - It can be tough to find a typical three-legged, cast-iron cauldron, and you'll likely pay top-dollar at a Pagan shop to get one. Any heavy, fire-proof dish or bowl can be used as a cauldron.

The bottom line: it's the thought that counts. What's in your heart is more important than the price tag. Don't feel badly that you can't afford certain items. That guilt will get in your way much more than anything else.

Think about it do you think our Ancestors had Expensive Items for the craft? No of course not so why spend top dollar on them when you can make do with whatever you can use

Thrift stores , Yard Sales , Flea markets , dollar stores , Garden stores all have Cheap items that can be easily turned into anything you need

Also Nature gives you Twigs and sticks and Rocks and Seashells and Sea Glass and Sand and Feathers Herbs and anything you need

just be a Crafty Witch

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